Old Friends Become New Enemies Become Dead

The party brought the Book of Vile Evil to the Collegium attempting to destroy it, and failed. As they were about to take the book elsewhere, the mage from Kechner showed up. Elverion came in with a few of his Colleagues and announced that the party was a great disappointment to him. He sent them off repeatedly to gather the dark knowledge that Gwardesh was spreading around the world, but each time the party destroyed it instead of bringing it back. He would not let them destroy the Book of Vile Evil. So he ordered his Colleagues to kill the party and take their stuff.

A great battle erupted in the Collegium, and Elverion was killed.

Chance resolved to take the book to the head of Anrahd’s church in Mentori for destruction, and Priya insisted on following him, to ensure he did not lose his soul to this evil temptation.

The rest of the party elected to head south to the battlefield whereupon Prince Rashehn was lost, to see if they could find a sign of where he went.

Friday night industrial strength gaming

Apparently we did a game.

Wedding Bells are Ringing

The party was invited to the wedding and reception of the king to his new wife, his former mistress, and Erdwell’s mother. Several people of note approached the party. The king asked them to keep an eye out for Ilrael’s co-conspirators.

One man wanted to make money from their fame.

One man wanted them to speak against the king (obliquely worded, of course).

A general wanted them to support the invader solely in order to get the civil war over with so that they could fight the real enemy: the invasion from the other plane.

The newly legitimized prince Erdwell said he missed his brother, but didn’t mourn his brother, because he was sure his brother wasn’t dead. He had no idea where he went, but people don’t just disappear from the battlefield.

The invading Prince Ilrael attended the wedding under flag of truce, and wished the king a long and happy life and begged him to abdicate, citing the prophecy that the king has simply to order to be retrieved from the vaults of the high chuch in Therea, which will prove that it had been foretold that Ilrael would be the rightful king.

Kismet followed the Prince back out to his retinue, and said “What about the end of the world? Isn’t that important?” Ilrael whispered to his cohort, “Do you know anything about the end of the world?” To which his cohort advised, “You’re against it, sire.” Ilrael drew himself up and said to Kismet, “In times of crisis, it must be a strong man who leads!” And he rode off.

Elsewhere in the reception, the tiefling Sessyn was observed to be in attendance. Karl, Kismet, and Jay approached her and asked what she was doing there. Sessyn said she was there on behalf of her father, Duke Ord’Thane. None of even the more worldly party members had heard of him. A minor duke in the highest plane of Hell, he commanded many armies and hired out as mercenaries to whoever could agree to his terms. The king was obviously considering it, as Ilrael was storming north with his invading army rapidly.

Streets of Strahn

Some time after the riot, the party braved the streets again.

The party was ambushed on the streets of Strahn by a mage. While walking in the street, the ground suddenly erupted with black tentacles that grabbed and grappled the party. Bella quickly spotted the controlling mage and cast her Baleful Transposition, putting the mage in the tentacles and putting Bella where the mage was standing. Which was when the invisible rogue attacked her. Bella cast another spell that looked into the deepest fears of the backstabbing assassin, causing him to see his fears come to life as a phantastm. His hair instantly turned white and he fell over dead, a ghastly expression of terror on his face.

The mage attempted to escape, but Bella, flying overhead, followed and saw him disappear into a trapdoor in an alleyway.

This City's a Riot

The trial happened. A riot followed. Chris was a bad DM this time.

What's a Little Heresy Between Church Folks?

There was a bit of a disagreement between Priya and the head of her church in Strahn. Her opinion of the position of Sleadren among the other gods did not exactly match the orthodoxy. As such, she was arrested to be tried for heresy. The rest of the party spread out into Strahn to gather what support they could for Priya.

On to Strahn
Return to the Big City For the First Time

The party arrived in Strahn and went to Chance’s estate. Kismet met up with her family, enjoying her father’s new town home in Strahn. Karl skulked around a lot. Priya joined her brethren and sistren in the church of Sleadren.

The Rest of the Mess

The party completely cleaned out the temple of mad baddies and sent message to the Temple of Nyan that their temple had been contaminated and the clergy were dead.

The party was also brought into a second confrontation with Gwardesh, whose disguise was shed, revealing him to be an illithid just like those Chance saw on the Astral ships. In the fight, Gwardesh teleported away, thus granting Braun the resolve to always take dimensional anchor as a spell.

They also felt that their experiences granted them a new level of wisdom and ability. The 11th such level they had ever had.

What Kind of Temple Is This Anyway?

The party completed the exploration and cleansing of the temple of Nyan that had been overtaken by bad guys.

The Shrine that Became a Church

Chris gave bad info about this place, saying in one game it was a small shrine, then making it a huge temple. That threw some people off. Anyway, it was bad stuff.


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