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Arul is the name given to the world we know. Arulia refers to the Empire that is said to span the world, although its major influence is over the continent of Esadra.


Arul was formed ages ago from the thoughts of the first known beings in the universe, The Unbeginning, though they do not maintain a presence in the world. Instead, it is presided over by a number of gods, which were among the first creations of the Unbeginning.


Large settlements of humans can be found on a continent of Esadra that stretches from the northern arctic region to the equator, as well as the large islands adjacent to it. In the northwest of this continent, humans are the dominant race, though other humanoid kingdoms exist between the human-ruled nations.

The largest island off the northwest coast holds the kingdom of Venn, as well as other countries.


Arulia is a role-playing campaign world using Pathfinder rules, or something.

Main Page

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