A missive from Priya & Chance!

The journey to Esadra...

May the hem of our Lady’s sainted raiment brush your brows as the momentum of her magniflorous metatarsals speed you to grace. For it is in Her name and on Her mission that we proceed on our blessed path of glory ever toward a sainted victory for the glory of Sleadren’s glory. Lo, it is nigh these score years and one eighth score that her humble handmaiden has labored toward her Lady’s purpose — which is indeed the highest purpose in our plane or any other known plane — though it is only a brief time that she had led this group of humans, half-humans, catmen and…

Sorry, she would go on like that for pages, but I doubt she will glance at more than the first and last page, so I shall interject here on my own behalf. No doubt you are curious to find this missive in my own hand, rather than Hobb’s, and that is an interesting tale in itself. Hopefully things go well with you back in Venn. We attempt to prevent future incursion, but depend on you to resolve the current one.

Our trip to Mentori was not without incident. Shortly after leaving sight of land, our vessel was set upon by the aberrant incursives we have grown so familiar with. An enormous sea beast afflicted by their corruption brought the entire ship to a halt, and immediately disgorged a small contingent on deck. Our crew fought valiantly under Priya’s lead, but severe damage to the vessel prevented us from continuing all the way to Esadra as planned. The ship limped into a Mentori fishing port whose name I have forgotten, but which is no longer relevant as the town is no more.

I insisted on resting a few days to give Priya time to recuperate. Without Bron’s gentle influence, she pushes herself too hard and the action at sea weighed heavily on her. During that time I devised a new ritual to unveil incursive influence. It worked, but unfortunately most of my notes on it were destroyed in the subsequent fire. The ritual unveiled an incursive influence upon my scribe, Hobb. I do not know if he was always their creature, or subsequently corrupted. How much of my research and planning were passed along to the enemy remains unknown.

As you recall, Hobb seemed scarcely more than a few inches tall, but upon being discovered, he revealed himself to be closer to sixty feet in height. Apparently his diminution was merely a result of being viewed from a great distance. Kismet will no doubt find that revelation puzzling, but I’m sure Bella can adequately explain the nature of interplanar perspective. Regardless, his newly present immensity resulted in the destruction of our residence, the neighboring structures, and a fire that consumed the town.

The locals were superstitious, and I was unjustly blamed for their misfortune. Priya’s intervention on my behalf saved us further unpleasantness, and I was spared prosecution upon her promise to escort me away. A practitioner dwelt nearby (as it turns out, he is also a distant relation), and so we stayed with him this evening. Bella will be interested to learn that his research has shown ondal root is thaumaturgically adjacent to muck down, rather than its inverse! Obviously this presents a number of intriguing possibilities for traditional practitioners seeking to compose spell materiel.

Our journey to Esadra resumes tomorrow, and we will write again as opportunity presents.

…which is why I will never again trust bears. And yet it teaches us a lesson toward a higher purpose, one I hope Kismet in particular will take to heart. And so, my comrades, I bid you continue in the path of righteousness, that you remain true in your pledge to give all not essential to your mission to the Church, and I have no third thing, for these are all that I hope for you. Unless we meet again in life, we will be reunited in the bosom of the gods in the Celestial realm where we shall feast and make gloves for Sleadren’s hand, but otherwise I will see you when we get back.


I didn’t know you kept a copy of this one. That was awesome. We still have that around here somewhere.

A missive from Priya & Chance!

(Hopefully this means Priya is alive. – Karl)

A missive from Priya & Chance!
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