Another letter from Priya & Chance!

A visit to Chance's cousin.

Our journey to Esadra continues, despite delays. While we were staying with my cousin Enaro, he mentioned an ancient wizard learned in planar matters living on the nearby Mahos peninsula. Priya felt we should resume the course, but I convinced her that so unlikely a coincidence should be investigated. Mahos was not far out of our way, and as the lands fall within Enaro’s grant, he came with us to arrange accommodations in the town.

The wizard’s tower appeared to be in great disrepair, and seeing it unlit at night, we feared it abandoned. It was not! The tower’s master, calls himself Lord Carnos, and greeted me when I reached the top. After a brief discussion of our plight, he revealed a hidden stair for Priya and Enaro, and invited us in. Despite his apparent lack of servants, he provided an excellent repast, although it was a trifle bland. He has offered to lend his expertise in the riddle of the Book. Priya insists it must be destroyed, and while I agree, there is much we can learn of the enemy from it. Such advantages must not be ignored.

Carnos has conducted extensive studies of evil artifacts, and Priya was very uncomfortable in the presence of his collection. After discussion of the Book, his theoretical understanding of metaphysics seems quaint, but his practical expertise suggests several interesting new avenues for research. He offered to host us, but Enaro has already arranged lodging with the town’s mayor.

According to the townsfolk, Carnos is several centuries old! It was apparently a great honor that he hosted us. They say he only emerges in times of trouble, and are concerned what our meeting portends. A young woman was suspiciously absent from her home, and locals already blame the return a centuries old curse Carnos battled during his last appearance. Priya investigated the next morning, but has not yet found the woman, so she will continue searching while Carnos and I work on the book.

I regret to report that Carnos has deceived us. His collection of evil artifacts concealed that he was a source of great evil himself, and apparently responsible for the curse the townspeople credit him with fighting. He appears to be some sort of life draining immortal. He put up an impressive fight, but quieted once Priya separated his head from his shoulders. I am packing both the body and head in boxes of salt, hoping to preserve them for later study.

With some effort, I have determined how Carnos sealed the tower, and will do so before I leave, to prevent anyone from getting to his collection. As the land is within Enaro’s grant, he has agreed to let me have use of it to store these things until we have time to come back and study it further. And then destroy them, of course.


(Nothing from Priya. Chance’s admitted fascination with evil continues to worry me – Karl)

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