Dahlia’s Grand Adventure

Session 5b - Where Has Dahlia Been All This Time?

Despite the late night/early morning of the previous day, Dahlia awakens from her slumber while Rose and Lily are still asleep in their shared room. She stretches and briefly wonders why she’s up so early when her ears prick up and she realizes she’s hearing an interesting tune. A song she’s never heard before is drifting up through the open window of her bedroom. She quickly gathers her lute and her rapier, leaving her crossbow and her pack behind, and runs down the stairs and into the busy street below.

Outside, she realizes the source of the singing is coming from another Tabaxi some ways ahead of her on the street. She calls out in her native tongue to the other Tabaxi: “Wait! Who are you?” The Tabaxi briefly looks over her shoulder and smiles slightly, and then picks up the pace. Dahlia quickly follows, using her natural abilities to bob and weave through the crowd to follow this other Tabaxi, though not really gaining any ground. She sends her four gentle Dancing Lights towards the other figure, somewhat to distract them and somewhat as a playful gesture, and the figure does poke one of the lights as it floats around their head. Nevertheless, the figure seems to be making a beeline out of town and towards a different section of the area, singing all the while.

Dahlia follows this other Tabaxi and soon realizes that they are bringing her to a graveyard. This would generally be creepy but given that it’s 10am on a sunny day, Dahlia is not too concerned. The figure slips inside a mausoleum and Dahlia quickly follows, but it seems the figure has disappeared. Dahlia casts Detect Magic and notices that an entire wall of the mausoleum is magical. She puts her hand on it and it slips through, so she proceeds forward through the wall and into the tunnel behind. She can hear the figure singing somewhere in the tunnel but can’t see them, despite having dark vision, so she pulls out her lute and begins singing along to the song, since she’s been trying to memorize it. Suddenly, she can feel that the figure is just next to her, and only then do they stop singing.

Dahlia introduces herself to the Tabaxi, who responds that her name is Celeste. She asks why Celeste has brought her to the crypts, and Celeste responds that she is a bard much like Dahlia. She has a job for her: the song she had been singing is incomplete and she knows of a place where the last part of the song is held. It’s under Serenza in the crypts, but the door leading to it is made entirely of iron which doesn’t allow Celeste to pass through, since Celeste is from a different plane (the Fey). In exchange for Dahlia helping Celeste, she promises Dahlia will be rewarded. Dahlia thinks this sounds like a fun adventure and agrees to help. Celeste warns her that the song fragment might be guarded and that Celeste herself will not be able to help her, but Dahlia decides to proceed forward anyway. Celeste leads her deeper into the tunnels.

Eventually, the two of them come to a place where the tunnel ends in a door made of iron with an archway around it. Dahlia can tell that the archway contains iconography of the Coveter, one of the evil gods in the world. The door, while sturdy, is very old and with some time Dahlia is able to break the hinges enough to slip through the door. Celeste tells her she will wait on the other side and bids her good luck.

Dahlia tentatively walks down the hallway, seeing some runes on the wall, and comes to another archway, this one open. She peeks inside without stepping in the room and sees an unmoving figure sitting on a throne. It appears to be a skeleton holding a beautiful crystal wine glass, and things gleam on its neck and fingers. Dahlia steps in the room to take a closer look and as she does so, the dust in the room that has been untouched for untold years swirls around her, manifesting itself in a tornado-like swirl. An angry, unearthly voice roars “it is mine, I have claimed it” and Dahlia responds “I have come for it!” Dahlia slings a spell at the unearthly visage, and it in turn screams at her. This scream enters Dahlia’s very soul and she is terribly frightened of the creature, turning tail and running out of the room. As she runs, the creature pursues her, but seems to not be able to pass a point in the hallway where the runes are carved. Eventually, Dahlia is able to recover her wits and bravely charges at the creature, continuing to sling spells until it eventually collapses with one last screech. Dahlia, breathing heavily from the exertion, re-enters the room and walks to the skeleton. She takes some time to cast Detect Magic again, as a ritual this time, and notices while the two rings and the gold torque the skeleton is wearing are not magical, the wine glass is. She gingerly pries the glass from its fingers and for good measure takes the gold torque and two rings, pocketing those, since Celeste did promise a reward.

She then takes some time to study the glass, sitting against a wall and attuning to it. Once she is attune to the particulars of the magic, she realizes that the glass holds an echo. She brings the glass out to Celeste and activates it, which plays a portion of the song that Celeste needed. Celeste is very proud of her and thanks her for her help, telling her that she can also keep the wine glass as a reward.

Celeste brings her back through the tunnels to the mausoleum and then back outside the tavern. While they walk, Celeste explains that the tunnels stretch all throughout and underneath Serenza, which Dahlia finds interesting. Dahlia notices that it looks like it’s still morning, even though she feels completely exhausted, and Celeste explains that the crypt area does weird things with time and that they spent a total of 24 hours in the tunnels. Once they arrive in front of the tavern Celeste turns and slips into the growing morning crowd, and for fun Dahlia sends her Dancing Lights after her. She notices Celeste’s shoulders shake in a silent laugh before she is beyond reach. An exhausted Dahlia stands outside the tavern, pondering what just occurred before she realizes that she can’t remember the song she just heard. Puzzled, she shrugs and enters the tavern to find her friends.


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