Dinos and Drama

Session 1 In Which the Party is Formed


It’s a normal afternoon in the city of Serenza when two blondes and a cat walk into the bar (you think they would have noticed) called The 18 Hit. The cat, Dahlia, performs onstage after being introduced by “Beth” (who does so in a snooty uppercrust language that people don’t seem to understand), leading the tavern in a rousing song while the other two look on. Meanwhile, Ouss, “Jill,” and Chief are playing Lemonjack at another table in the tavern. Suddenly, the sounds of shouting and screaming fill the air outside the tavern, which inconveniently doesn’t have windows. Five of the six party members run outside to see what’s going on.

Those who go outside see an overturned cart with cages broken open around them. Four smaller lizard-like animals surround a figure on the ground, while a larger creature is menacing another figure. CHief runs towards the smaller creatures, followed closely by Ouss and Rose. Dahlia and Beth follow at a distance. One of the men on the overturned cart, seeing Chief sprinting toward the creatures, yells “They’re more valuable alive! Fifty gol dif you capture them!” CHief, with Ouss’s help, knock out all four of the lizard creatures without incurring too much damage. Rose approaches the larger creature, making a lasso with her rope. Beth casts Entangle, failing to grapple the larger creature, but keeping innocent bystanders wrapped in place, and then casts Frostbite. She also loudly demands that someone bring her meat, and a bystander runs into the tavern to fetch it. Dahlia gets close enough to successfully cast Bane on the larger creature. She yells “Your feathers ain’t slick!” But the mockery has no effect on the creature. The larger creature charges Dahlia, dealing her a nasty blow, before Rose is able to lasso it. She tries to drag it away but it’s too strong for her. CHief runs up to the creature and finally knocks it out, and the group drag it and carry the other four creatures to the cages. The handlers called the monsters Dingadookus and Vassarombus. Jill corrected them to Dingus and Rumpus, which actually turned out to be a Deinonychus and a Velociraptor.

Meanwhile, Jill has been taking advantage of the chaos ot clear any coinage left behind on the tables. She starts to attract the attention of the barmaid but then goes over to help her clean, striking up a conversation with her about marriage and the barmaid’s aspirations. The bystander runs in and asks the barmaid for meat, which distracts her enough for Jill to finish cleaning all the gold off the tables and into her pockets. Jill travels outside to see what all the commotion was, and is able to understand that her companions helped prevent chaos from spreading (with the assistance of the newcomers). She goes up to the animal handlers and basically convinces them that 50 gold isn’t sufficient, and if they value their jobs and their lives, they’ll compensate her friends fairly.. The handlers are sufficiently intimidated and whisper among themselves. Jill picks up the name Sabato, a familiar name to her, and continues to press the handlers until they are very intimidated by her and lead the rest of the group to the arena to be paid. Beth, meanwhile, is attempting to hide her face from Jill, and tells Rose and Dahlia that she knows her and wants to reiterate that her name is Beth in this city (as opposed to Lily, her real name).

The group is led to the arena, a place where prisoners fight for the entertainment of the people. They are brought to an office where Sabato praises them for their bravery. He also impresses upon them the importance of not letting it get out that he was the one who commissioned these dinosaurs to be brought into the city (and therefore was indirectly responsible for the chaos). The party is given 20 Platinum to split evenly, amounting to the equivalent of 40 gold per person. Rose requests that the family of the handler killed in the attack be looked after as well. Sabato invites the group to be his guest in th ebox seats for the fight tomorrow, and Jill makes a bet with him on the fate of the prisoner who will be fighting (Rose and Dahlia debate whether this is how humans flirt). Ouss has been whittling since beginning the journey to the arena, and sets a likeness of one of the dinosaurs down on the desk before the party leaves, promising to return in the morning for the fight.


On the way to another tavern (The Fresh Prince, located in the Bellair district), the group stops at the market. They drop Beth off at an herbal shop where she presents the shopkeep (Anastina of Anastina’s Green Grove) with some mushrooms and a letter. Anastina tests her ability to make a healing potion. The rest of the group stops at a blacksmith, where a woman named Munya Ostergaard shows Rose an expensive set of plate armor. She then gives Rose a simple set of bracers with roses etched in them and asks that Rose not go to any other armor shops but hers when she wants armor. “I’m investing in your future business.” Rose asks Dahlia if this is flirting.

The group finally goes to The Fresh Prince tavern, where Dahlia performs onstage and Rose and Ouss get a drink. Jill plays Lemonjack in the back room, fleecing the people she is playing with. Rose meets a man at the bar who notices that she wears the colors of Anrahd, and introduces himself as Brother Bhaltair. He recommends Rose go to the temple and meet with Father Warmond. She agrees. Eventually the whole group get together to play Lemonjack, which the new players seem to always win. Jill claims to be completely new at Lemonjack, and Dahlia believes her. Eventually Beth returns and falls asleep at the fire. Jill says she can’t quite place it but that Beth seems familira, and both Rose and Dahlia are noncommittal. Eventually Dahlia also falls asleep by the fireplace, and Jill has to wake both of them up to take them to their rooms. Chief goes back to his place near Armatto Quay (where he buys the thieves tools he can finally afford), Ouss falls asleep at the table but eventually wakes up and makes it back to his roost, and Jill decides to return home to her manor (where she is Violante, a daughter of the nobility).

Before they go to sleep, Beth (Lily) tells Rose that Jill is actually Violante and that she’s rich and good at Lemonjack. Dahlia tells them both to go to sleep. In the morning, Dahlia, Rose, and Beth eat breakfast and then start for the Arena by way of the Temple District, since Rose wants to visit the temple of Anrahd. When they arrive, Rose is so overcome that she falls to her knees directly at the entrance. An acolyte approaches her and she asks for Father Warmond. He is a Githzerai. Rose tells him that Anrahd saved her life and that she wishes to devote her life to him. Father Warmond says that she is truly privileged to have received a revelation from Anrahd and asks her to return for evening services, where he will task her with a quest to set her on her path.


The trio pass through the market on the way to the Arena, and Beth stops to buy meat pies for everyone. Suddenly, Jill, who has been tailing the group, steers her away before Dahlia and Rose notice, and confronts her, revealing that she knows that Beth is really Lily, the runaway daughter of a perfume merchant cartel. She asks what Lily has told her friends about Jill, and then says, “Nevermind, I can see it on your face that you’ve told them everything about me.” Violante (who Jill really is) admonishes Lily for not having a good plan and Lily retorts that she does have a plan, because she’s a druid now! Violante and Lily argue n their way to the Arena, and when Rose and Dahlia don’t see Lily anywhere, they, too, go to the Arena. There, they meet up with Ouss, who has already been drinking and decided not to set up his pop-up shop today; and Chief. The six are brought into Sabato’s office, where there is a catered spread of hors d’ouevres. Sabato welcomes them back, and says that before the entertainment begins, he has something to talk to them about. He did a little research on the group, and while he is confident in the bet he made against “Jill,” he’s also confident that if he loses he’ll still be able to recoup his money. He reveals a wanted poster, which proclaims that Lily has been abducted and that there is a 1,000 GP reward for her safe return.

And on that cliffhanger, we end the session! (And level up to lvl2!)


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