Hit the Road, Jack (Skellington)

Session 9 In Which There Is Corn


The party awakens in their various dwellings. Chief comes downstairs for breakfast and notices an older gentleman who seems to be talking about him with another person. Eventually, the man makes his way over to Chief and lets him know that there’s suspicion that Chief, Ouss, Rose, and the half-orc from the melee competition might have conspired together to win. Chief denies it, citing how badly he beat Ouss up, and the fact that he knocked Rose out. The older gentleman tells Chief that his boss Vinnie has turned over responsibility of Chief to him, and hat it would behoove Chief to be honest with him. Chief goes to Vinnie’s store to check and be sure that this is true. When Vinnie pretends not to know him, Chief realizes that this is the case and he’s got a new “handler.” He tells Vinnie “Thanks for the axe” and walks out of the store.

Violante, meanwhile, wakes up to her mother yelling at her for competing in a gambling competition. Her mother is rather inconsolable. Violante reassures her that Sabato‘s nephew probably still wants to marry her. She uses her magic to illusory-write a letter for her mother to try and reassure her. She decides to go to Sabato’s nephew’s estate but stops by the tavern to let the group know what’s happening.

Dahlia wakes up hung over, but also wants to discuss the group’s plan for what they want to do moving forward regarding the memory stone. Once the group is together, they have a long discussion regarding the stone and what to do, which really doesn’t resolve in any way, shape, or form. V wants to know what Dahlia’s needs are, and Dahlia lets V know that she has no allies or anything in the city and therefore would be concerned about being on the bad side of a powerful man like Sabato. V concludes that Dahlia is on Sabato’s side if they were choosing sides, which annoys Dahlia. V then offers to help set Dahlia up with a ncie man as a sort of tongue-in-cheek offer, and also reminds Dahlia that she won the bard competition and so at least her name is well-known in the city now. Dahlia isn’t satisfied with the conversation but decides to drop it since the group doesn’t seem to want to make any decisions at this moment. The group also discusses the Sending Stones that have come into their possession, and V decides that they could be magically traced back to her and therefore she doesn’t want to use them. The group also asks Ouss to contact his supplier and see if a sale or trade could be arranged, which will take 3 days. The group decides to go shopping and meet back up at the tavern later.

Dahlia and Rose go shopping for part of Rose’s armor, which Rose buys and leaves in her room until she gets the full set. Lily and V go to the Druid‘s shop to make potions. While there, Anastina tells Lily that she has a farmer friend who has had livestock turning up dead overnight, which has been affecting the shipment of an ingredient needed for potions. Anastina promises Lily the means to make 6 healing potions if she can help the farmer. After potion shopping, Lily and V go by Lily’s family’s city house and notice her father‘s carriage is there, and Lily bolts back to the tavern. V interfaces with Lily’s father and tried to throw him off the hunt by suggesting that a local noble lady has a veiled “cousin” visiting whom the family keeps hidden away. It’s slightly mean, but the oldest girl of the family is well known to be just really the worst. V suggests of the visiting cousin, “Maybe that’s Lily.” She also meets Tristan, Lily’s betrothed.


After this meeting, V decides to go to Sabato’s nephew’s house to see what’s up before heading back to the tavern. V has a long conversation about duty, station, and family with the butler that could well be the subject of a farce, and finds out that Enzano is at the Wharf Rat, the bar from which he had been kidnapped before their initial meeting. V comes back to the Spirit Garden and lets the group know that she’s going to the Wharf Rat. Lily, meanwhile, has told the rest of the group about the possible job that they can do outside of town, and the group debates doing the job for a bit before meeting V at the Wharf Rat. They find V already in conversation with Enzano as the group comes in, and eventually, they invite him along on their adventure to the farm.

The group travels a half-day’s journey outside the city to find the farmer’s place. As they’re traveling, Ouss hears Dahlia’s voice in his head again, the first time being when they used the Sending Stones at the festival to test them. This time, it nearly startles him out of the sky. Turns out, Dahlia just learned how to cast the cantrip Message. At many points, Chief mentions that this is the farthest he’s been outside of the city, as with every step, it continues to be true. When they arrive at the farm, the farmer, a middle-aged human woman, says there were no footprints near the carcasses of the bulls killed, but that one died in the corn and one in the field. Odd. Perhaps an aerial enemy? The group formulates a plan: When the sun goes down, Lily will turn into an ox and be the bait, and the rest of the group will attack whatever is offing the oxen. While the group prepares, Enzano and V are actually getting along well, which is shocking.


As the sun goes down, three scarecrows in the corn field come to life. One has a burlap sack for a head, one has a pumpkin, and one has a patchwork face. Everyone has fun showing off their new abilities and the group manages to resist the fear brought on by the creepy cursed scarecrows advancing on them, and as a group they manage to take them down. Enzano surprises everyone with his handiness with a rapier. After the group defeats the scarecrows, they ask the farmer where she got them, and she reveals that a traveling salesman sold them to her, saying they would keep the crows away. She confirms that she only purchased three of the scarecrows, which is good news. V negotiates for fresh produce for the tavern and also some commoner’s porridge so she and Enzano can “be peasants” for the night for fun, which makes the rest of the group cringe just a tiny bit. The farmer handles it pretty well. Violante and Enzano stay in the barn and the rest of the group crashes in the farmer’s living room in front of the fire.


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