Kechner's Peril

This Place Has Really Gone Downhill

Lady Tuala rode to wherever the party was and collapsed off her horse, saying that Kechner had been overrun.

The party returned immediately to Kechner and found it overrun. The dragon that was rumored to be up in the hills had been attended by a kobold cult of dragon-worshippers, and once taken over by an alien cruciform, the dragon converted its entire cult, and rained its evil perversion down on the town of Kechner.

When the party arrived, they found the manor in ruins, a pile of rubble smouldering with black fumes. The town itself had several buildings destroyed, and horrifying creatures were walking the streets. A massive blob of flesh with the screaming faces of several of Kechner’s residents, including an entire family, lurched toward the party, forcing them to destroy it, killing the poor souls cursed to this living horror. MIsshapen GIants lurched about town, slime-coated kobolds attacked.

The party learned that the ruins of the manor was the nest of the aberrant dragon, and the source of these horrors.


Meh. Never liked that podunk town anyway. I mean, a dragon’s rough for the locals, but the rest of the kingdom only cares about Tears of Nyan tourism, and it’s not like the big lizard’s going to mess with the only stream of revenue that place has. I say leave it be.

Kechner's Peril

I’m trying to link it to

Obsidian Portal is being funny about that.

Kechner's Peril

(Death to ABBBERRS!!!!!! – Karl)

Kechner's Peril
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