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Whose Turn Was It To Watch Dahlia?

Chief, who got his long rest during long rest time, sold off the looted doctor’s gold plaques and awards at the curiosity shop in the Quays known as “The Fast and the Curious.”


With all of our heroes enjoying a long rest, we will catch up with Violante. Having left the basement of the Freejus Institute, Violante made the usual evening rounds of drinking and fleecing the locals, then went home, where she found a letter on her pillow. The seal had been broken and someone had read the letter (I guess she saw eye-tracks on the words). The next day at breakfast, Violante tested the servants and easily determined that the staff was all abuzz with the content of the letter. Violante’s mother revealed that she has been talking to three different houses to marry her off, and then having dropped that news, went out, telling Violante that there will be a gentleman coming to talk about arrangements with his nephew later.


Left all alone, Violante decided to try out some new tricks she had been practicing to sharpen her Lemonjack game, having won an afternoon of basic magical training from a mark some weeks ago. She magically disguised herself, pretending to be a servant of a neighbor, and went to a different neighbor’s house to gather gossip about herself. The servants always know. Learning very little about the actual houses she was being bid off to, she returned home to the parlor to await the “gentleman” and created the illusion of the curtain so she could hide behind it. Safely hidden away, she prepared to spy on the the conversation her mother had told her of. While her mother, unaware of Violante’s presence, was trying several poses to look affluent but disinterested, the servants escorted Sabato into the room.

“This is not ideal,” thought Violante.

We cut to Rose and Lily who wake up and find that Dahlia is already up and out for the day. Lily went down to the innkeeper and said she wanted a breakfast sent up, and the innkeeper revealed that the room tab was paid with an expense account for things like that. When asked by whom, he leafs through the papers behind the and reveals, “By…. a Mister Sabato.” Lily decided to cost Sabato as much as possible, and had beef and turkey sent up to the room with some wine and fresh fruit. The two young ladies decided to go shopping. They stopped in a curio shop called “Buy Curios.” Lily wanted to to a pet store because she missed her dog, and also she can talk to animals. They went to a chocolatier, where Lily got some chocolate for Ouss, and then they gave up on the shopping episode. Ouss set up his shop for the day and Chief pretended to help his capos look for an escaped slave.

That evening, the group had arranged to meet up in taproom of The Fresh Prince. Lily gave Ouss the chocolate. Ouss politely accepted, even though chocolate is poisonous to birds. Sabato joined them with a large bottle of wine, the contents of which promptly disappeared into Ouss. Sabato told the group that his nephew Enzano was actually missing, having disappeared shortly after they met at a dive bar in the Quays – a place they typically go after a gem shipment has been arranged – The Wharf Rat. To incentivize the group beyond the leverage he already has, Sabato put a coin purse containing 10 gold sovereigns on the table for each of the party (including Dahlia, for when she returns). He promised another 100 sovereigns each when they find Enzano. Sabato, whose house deals with the shipping and sale of valuable gems, revealed to them that the thief in the Arena, Tore Como, had stolen 500,000 sov worth of gems and hidden them somewhere, presumably in the city. Como then had the memory of where the gems were hidden removed from his mind — magically extracted and stored elsewhere. So Como did not reveal the location of the gems under torture, and Sabato realized he had nothing to lose by throwing him to the dinosaurs. Chief tried to negotiate for the return of the gems, but Sabato assured Chief that they would be considered for further tasks related to it.

Sufficiently motivated, the party went to the Wharf Rat, which they could easily identify by the fairly fresh rat nailed to the sign outside.

From a couple conversations, they found out that Enzano met up with another friend after Sabato left. The other friend, Pasquale, shared more drinks with Enzano and they left together. A witness said they were followed by 5 unknown men. Well, almost unknown. One of the bar’s regulars who knew Chief also knew one of the men to be a member of the Blackscale Assassins. The same informant also offered the fact that there was a warehouse over on Candle Lane with the black drake on the door, the sign of the Blackscales. Lily talked to a cat outside the Wharf Rat and found out that the men followed the pair of drunken dandies into an alley and attacked them. Rose examined the site and determined that there wasn’t enough blood on the ground for the men to have been murdered there. The cat said both men went to sleep and were carried off.


The party all had different ideas about how to investigate the warehouse. Chief and Violante concocted a scam by which they would approach the warehouse and pretend to want to put a hit on someone. Lily befriended a dog and began to cast a spell that would allow her to see through the dog’s eyes. Since she needed 10 minutes to cast it as a ritual, Chief and V went past her and right up to the door. Lily finished the ritual and asked the dog to go scout the warehouse. All the doors were closed, so the dog wasn’t able to do anything useful there. After getting really frustrated at not being able to control the dog, Lily said “Oh. I’m an idiot. I could have just turned into a dog.”

Chief and V knocked at the door as Ouss flew recon overhead and Rose stood ready as backup in case of a fight. No one answered the door, but their excellent perception skills allowed them to hear scuffling from inside, as if from many footsteps trying to be quiet. Chief easily picked the lock and they burst in to se…. about a dozen dead bodies lying against the wall. After the whole party except for Ouss was inside, they were ambushed by 4 Kenku, who fired arrows from behind the cover of crates. Ouss quickly joined the fight, and together, the party overwhelmed the Kenku, killing 3 and leaving one alive, in a rather swift exchange of blows. They then examined the bodies and found that all of the dead against the wall were Blackscale Assassins.

The party went about searching the warehouse and found a secret room with some fungible items inside. They also opened another closet and found a person. Not Enzano, but Pasquale, hiding under a tarp. Pasquale said that he took cover in the closet when the Kenku attacked their captors. He had thought Enzano was right behind him, but didn’t see him come in. He explained that he previously had in his possession a stone which held the memories of Tore Como, with information on the cache of gems. Pasquale said he was in the process of finding Sabato in order to deliver the stone and be the hero, when it was stolen from him, just before he met up with Enzano. Pasquale said that Enzano was probably taken because they thought Enzano was him. While Pasquale was explaining all this, the city guard showed up.

“Nobody move! What’s going on here? Oh! Hi, Chief. What are you doing here?” Maso, the Capo of this troop, recognized Chief, who is quite well known among the guard. What could have been a rather awkward situation turned thusly:

Maso (looking around at the bodies): I see what went down here. This guy tried to pick your pocket, and accidentally cut off his arm when he bumped into your ax. Then this other guy got mad and jumped on your back, also killing himself on your ax.

Chief: I never even drew it.

Maso: What happened here is a tragic accident.

The guards looked around and said “Hey Chief, you know who these guys are? These birds (no offense) are with the Shadowblade Council!” The guards continued to look around while the rest of the party was looting the office upstairs. They ended up finding some very high quality framed maps, as well as some unmarked silver bars.

Enzano is nowhere to be seen, so the party can assume these four kenku weren’t the only ones involved. The party swears to investigate the Shadowblade Council.


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