Many Meetings

Session 12 in Which Questions Are Answered


(more thanks to Hana for the write-up)

After the events of last session, which ended in some of the party breaking Violante out from house arrest, the group traveled back to The Spirit Garden to reconvene and get V settled into her new room. Lily and Ouss are still out and about on business: Ouss is working somehwere unknown to the party, and Lily is at the Druid’s shop making potions. It’s a big night for the party, as Lily has been invited back to her house for a dinner with her father, in which he will further explain why he can do magic, as well as why Lily is an Aasimar. Meanwhile, on the same night, Rose has been summoned back to the temple of Anrahd by Father Warmond after the evening services are concluded, in order for her to meet with some people that he thinks might be able to help explain her visions.

When Lily returns, the group discusses whether she’d like them to accompany her to her father’s house, as well as whether Rose wants the group to accompany her to the temple after dinner. Chief declines visiting the temple, as he doesn’t trust priests. The group also learns that Lily is making a list of good ways to die, bad ways to die, and stupid ways to die, based on a dream she had from her mother. The party realizes that Ouss is not there and have no way of contacting him, so Lily volunteers to go find him and promptly rushes out of the tavern before anyone can blink.

She first visits his pop-up shop in the market, finding it recently damaged and hastily mended with no Ouss inside. She is confused, and asks around after Ouss, eventually being pointed in the direction of the Woodcarvers’ Guild. When she enters, she inquires about commissioning a piece from the guild (a wooden and engraved chest for Violante) and eventually says that she wants to see Ouss. An apprentice goes to Ouss’s workshop, letting him know that “a blonde lady who won’t stop talking” is here to see him, and Ouss comes out to the entry hall. Lily meets up with Ouss, who cuts through her constant stream of conversation to find out that the group is all meeting back at the tavern to discuss the evening’s activities. He asks for her help bringing a piece he was working on as a present for Chief back to the tavern. Lily promptly wild-shapes into a beautiful spotted horse with four white socks, and when she is in the main guild hall she makes a show of tossing her mane and stamping her hooves in order to show off. Ouss hitches horse-Lily to a cart and loads a large, covered piece onto the cart and the two of them set off towards The Spirit Garden.

When they arrive, Ouss presents a beautifully carved training dummy to Chief, who is absolutely delighted, and hugs Ouss in gratitude. The party then sets off, with regular Lily (who has shifted out of horse form) to her father’s house. After a very awkward dinner, made a little more manageable by V and Dahlia’s excellent small-talk with Tristan (Lily’s fiancĂ©) and Lily’s father, Lily goes with her father and Tristan to the study to discuss more about her family history. Ouss flies outside the window to eavesdrop, and Rose and Dahlia stay in the hallway near the door just in case Lily needs help. V and Chief, meanwhile, spend the time stealing various trinkets from the parlor.


Lily and her father have a heated discussion about her mother. Tristan reveals that he has wings, which is a shock. Lily’s father reveals that Tristan and himself are part of a secret society known as the Amber Scroll. The Amber Scroll is following a scroll that has the names of various followers who are revealed over time by one who can read the scroll, and that it leads up to a single person, who is going to be Riven by Air, Bathed in Fire" at some point, and presumably will die horribly fighting some great evil. This was supposed to be Lily and Tristan’s son, but some vagueness in prophecy means that it could be either Lily or her son, and Coumarin was trying to force destiny such that it wouldn’t be Lily. If Lily had been a boy, it was almost certain that the prophecy would have been about her. Or him, if that were the case. Lily storms out of the meeting again after passionately declaring that if she’s going to die, she wants it to be a good death. The group follows her out of the house.

The group then proceeds to the temple for the second meeting of the evening, where Rose and the rest of the party (minus Chief and V, who spend the evening sneaking into other wealthy houses and placing the trinkets they stole) are led to a meeting room at the back of the temple. There, a group of people, including Father Warmond, are sitting around a table. The group is all dressed in various religious vestments and iconography, though no one in the party recognizes more than one or two of the gods represented. At this meeting, much lore is dropped about visions, the words of creation (super powerful ancient words that the Unbeginning used to make stuff), and some theories are discussed about the various evil things that the party have dealt with. The Aundine priestess can’t believe Warmond is making a big deal about this little girl (Rose). When she hears that Rose’s vision included the symbol on a painting in the temple, she said “Eth.” Ouss and Dahlia both catch her saying this weird word under her breath. After this, she says in Sylvan, “The Veil is torn.” The evidence was that the fire cult was praying to the Coveter using a whole new manner of worship for the Coveter, and their prayers were being answered. That’s not supposed to happen. Rose and Lily both understand Sylvan, and respond back to the woman, who is a bit surprsied. Dahlia also finds that she can understand the language being spoken, though she’s unsure why or what language it is. Eventually, the priestess leaves, remarking that if the party wants more answers, they should seek her out.

The party convenes outside the temple post meeting, discussion whether they want to get more information from the priestess. Eventually, they agree to meet with her and Dahlia sends her a message, asking her to come to The Spirit Garden. The group all convene back at their tavern for this conversation, and ask several questions of the priestess. Rose is close to revealing how to pronounce the rune that she saw in her vision, which was revealed to be a Word of Creation in the previous meeting, but Lily spilled wine on Rose to stop her. This is the first known instance of Lily thinking that something should not be said out loud. Violante is temporarily interested in the religion of Aundine, but then thinks better of it when she learns that the goddess is evil.


Eventually, the priestess leaves, and everyone heads to bed except Dahlia, who tries to sneak out after the priestess. Lily notices her leaving and yells to the rest of the group that Dahlia is following the priestess, blowing her sneakiness. When Dahlia meets up with the priestess, she asks a couple more questions and then returns to the Spirit Garden.

We have some downtime. Due to a conversation Lily and Dahlia had about not sharing everything with everyone, Lily has decided not to share her father’s conversation with the party (“Not what I meant, Lily!” — Dahlia). Dahlia visits a friend at the graveyard at the edge of town and has a cryptic conversation, showing her the tunnel to the Spirit Garden in case of emergency. Ouss carves more secret things. Lily returns the ring she got from the dead nobleman in the hag’s cave, and finds out that the guy and his buddies followed the sword indicating precious metals, but got trapped by the hag and turned into zombies. At the end of a week of downtime, the party hears a large explosion down the street from The Spirit Garden, and we end on a..


Sketchnotes by Amelia


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