Secrets Told


After the laughter of the women of the party faded, Jay took the satyr aside and asked him questions about Jacob Wyvern, Jay’s father. The party kept nudging him, saying “We need to go!” They convinced Prince Rashehn to return with them and lead his people to peace and forsake the war. But they were told that the Lady of Elvenkind wished to confer with them.

Kismet grew bored of the party atmosphere and found a door out of the hall, and found a hallway leading upstairs to a row of rooms. Knocking on one after the other, she asked if they’d seen Jay’s father. After interrupting a couple in intimate pose, a grumpy gnome who wanted nothing to do with her, and a sleeping brownie, she wandered into the room of an elven lady in elegant dress. Ellesaide, the Lady of Elvenkind. She asked Kismet to help her clasp a necklace, and then escort her down to the hall, so Kismet made her entrance into the hall with her. Ellesaide gathered the party around and after short conference, requested a bowl and a pitcher. She poured a little scrying pool in the bowl. The whole room full of assorted fey gathered to watch as the view zoomed in on the palace in Strahn, where the King was talking to his council of war. Erdwell was there, as well. The king said, “We have to accept their offer! I’m left with no choice. Therea is lost, or will be soon. ANd if the worst should come to happen, knock on wood —” At this point, the king rapped sharply on the wooden table, and the scrying pool went silent. The king kept talking, but the pool gave no sound, and the fey all around the room gave a collective “awww” of disappointment. Ellesaide said “I hate it when they do that.” After a minute and a half, the sound returned, and the king was saying “And we may yet be saved, even win this war!”

The party surmised that the “offer” was that of the Duke of Ord’Thane, the father of Sessyn, who served as envoy at the wedding party. Sessyn had offered the support to Venn of mercenary troops from her father’s duchy in Hell.

Although the party was still in a rush to go, Ellesaide said she’d take Jay to his father. Upon meeting his son in the flesh for the first time, Jacob Wyvern took his son’s ultrinium dagger, and plunged it into Jay’s heart. Although startled, Jay was unharmed, and when Jacob drew the blade out, he returned it to Jay. He told him that now, on a command word, it had the power to carry his song while he fought. He can also use it to speak to his father at any time in dreams, and he can use it to cut the fabric of reality to enter or leave the fey realm any time he is near a fey-enchanted area. Jacob showed remorse for the death of Jay’s mother, but Jay was unconvinced his sentiment was genuine. Jacob said he would visit the grave.

Jay used his newfound power to return the party to the material world with Rashehn. They arrived where they’d left, but two weeks had passed. The summoner was gone, and their mounts had wandered to the nearby farm, where the farmer had cared for them. He was kind enough to let them sleep on his floor. In the morning, the party set out for Strahn again.


After this game, we put Arulia aside for a time and played Legacy of Fire.

Secrets Told

(No good will come from her offer. We must haste back to stop the bargain an to convince everybody to prepare for the real war coming. – Karl)

Secrets Told
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