Session 0 - The Adventure Begins

(after a nap and probably a drink, and then maybe another nap)


Group 1

Ouss and Violante meet in a bar in Serenza. Violante plies him with enough drink while they play Lemonjack and ends up stealing his money. Ouss hires Chief to track her down, but she talks her way out of it. The three become acquaintances and are frequently seen at the bars together.

Group 2

Lily, a bedraggled woman, shows up at a farmhouse in the middle of the night while it’s raining. The woman who lives inside, Rose, invites her in and offers her a place for the night. In the morning, the two set off on a journey to Serenza, meeting a Tabaxi named Dahlia on the road, who sings them a song in Celestial.


cjdudley cjdudley

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