Sewers & Succubi

Session 5: Avoid the Slimy Stuff


Having been told by the guards that the Kenku are with the Shadowblade Council, the party begins to formulate a plan as to how to find Enzano, the missing nephew of their current patron, Sabato. Sabato is busy arranging the marriage of Violante to Enzano. Chief, who is in with the town guards (The Capos), learns that the Shadowblade Council attacking the Blackscale Assassins is a new situation and that a war between them could spill into the Quays. Maso, the Capo of this troop of guards, also tells Chief that he doesn’t want to go into the sewers after them. He asks Chief if they want to keep their prisoner, the bound Kenku. Chief asks for a little time, during which Lily attempts to question it. The bird is freed from its bonds enough to answer questions on a paper that Lily hands it. Lily asks her question and receives, as answer, the drawing of a raised middle finger. Ouss threatens the Kenku, which loosens his tongue enough to repeat in a gruff voice, “follow the yellow signs” and “bring him back alive.”

Their business concluded, the guards take the last Kenku away for prosecution under the Capos, and the party enjoys a short rest before going after the missing man. Pasquale, Enzano’s companion, offers to help them look. During the rest, Rose suddenly snaps to alertness and says “I think ”/wikis/anrahd" class=“wiki-page-link”> Anrahd spoke to me!" The rest of the party listened as Rose elaborated that she was told she has to “Shelter the lost” and to “follow the path put before her.” She felt that she was on the right path. Violante figured this must mean she lost man they’re looking for, Enzano, so they should keep looking.

Lily took the form of a wolf to pick up Enzano’s scent, and led the party down into the sewers, leading to a junction where they were shot at from arrow slits. They raced across the range of arrow-fire to a door. They went in and were attacked by the three goblins that had been firing at them through the arrow slit. Defeating all three (after having difficulty getting bottlenecked in the corridor), they followed the corridor down a flight of stairs to another passageway. It opened into a shared sleeping room with straw pallets and blankets on the floor. Listening at the door on the opposite side, they heard a rushed talking, and a man’s voice saying “No, you idiot, you have to block UNDER the door! Pack some more blankets in there!”


Assuming the owners of the voices were expecting them, Chief burst through the door, only to see a man and a Duergar on the opposite side of the room trying to seal off a different door with furniture and blankets. The two turned in alarm and confusion as Chief burst in. Chief looked back in confusion but less alarm, as he expected them to be ready to fight him. The rest of the party took advantage of the moment and demanded to be told where Enzano is.

When offered to be let go when the information is provided, the human pointed to the other door they weren’t barricading and said “He’s that way.” Violante opened the door and saw a hallway going off into darkness. The party still blocked the two men from leaving, and after being asked what was behind the other door, the thugs said “It’s a special surprise. Come on, let us go, we showed you where the guy is.” The party instead demanded more information on threat of violence. The things decided to take the initiative and attacked, but they were quickly subdued and hogtied by Rose, who is getting used to doing that.

The party followed the corridor to the end and found their missing man; Enzano was on the floor being tormented by a half-orc standing over him, fist raised and glowing with magical fire. At the far side of the room on a raised dais sat a woman dressed in revealing leather attire, with large red bat-like wings rising up out of her back — unmistakably a succubus! In her lap was a tiny human-like creature with horse and a tail, and also with bat-like wings. The little creature was the same imp they thought they killed in the Freejus Institute. Ouss immediately rushed into the room to attack the half-orc. After getting in a couple of good strikes, he backed up to stand by the door to await the rest of the party’s entrance. The half-orc turned to Ouss and uttered some magical words, and four bolts of magical energy to shot forth and simultaneously struck Ouss unerringly, dropping him to the floor. Rose ran to Ouss and heard a voice in her head, which she somehow knew to be coming from the succubus, saying “Strike down your allies and I will make you a goddess.” Rose ignored the offer and instead magically healed Ouss. The voice then spoke in her head: “What a pity. You have made your choice, then.” The succubus stood up on the dais and disappeared in a puff of brimstone smoke, along with the imp. After withstanding a barrage of magical fire directed at the party, Chief struck down the half-orc wizard.

Enzano was overcome by relief at being rescued, and showed his enthusiasm by hugging first Lily, then Violante, whom he did not know he was practically engaged to. The party returned to the room where they’d left the hogtied thugs and revived them enough to ask questions about the Shadowblade Council. They were told the succubus is named Safiyya, and was in charge of this plan. The imp was named Shemoto, and was really into fire. Amidst this interrogation, the party freed the Duergar who took the opportunity to escape. As they watched him go, the door barricading the bathroom collapsed, and the party was attacked by the pseudopod of an ooze creature. The attack missed, and the party decided they didn’t need to deal with this, and grabbed their last prisoner and walked out ahead of the ooze, which was too slow to follow. Chief handed the prisoner over to the guard for justice, and the rest of the party went to their respective homes to wash up before meeting with Sabato.

Violante took charge of Enzano, and let him clean up before the party rendezvous. After an hour the group reconvened at their traditional tavern, The Fresh Prince. From there, at approximately 2am, they went to Sabato’s home to deliver Enzano. He gratefully accepted the young man and thanked the party, and agreed to meet them all at the tavern the next day.

When the day had reached a more reasonable hour, Sabato came to the tavern and rewarded the party with the promised 100 gold sovereigns, and in addition, delivered the deed to a property in an alleyway just off the market district. The property was registered in the names (or legal identifiers) of all six of the people he had assigned to the task, even though Dahlia wasn’t present for the actual mission. He explained that he wanted them to take up residence at the property, as it would be easier for him to contact them if he needed, and they could do with the property as they pleased. The property itself was once a working inn and taproom, but had fallen into disrepair. The party suspiciously accepted the deed, and Sabato left them to decide what to do next.


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