You Know What Really Burns My Aasimar?

Fire. Actual Fire.

Picking up from where we left off, our erstwhile heroes examined the prisoners they had just rescued from the pits. Lily handed out Goodberries to the wounded. Persis’s wounds showed signs of incredible cruelty. She had been burned and healed repeatedly, scarring the skin of her arms and face. Persis revealed that Dr Freejus was insane, and sought to petition the Coveter by offering gifts consumed by fire. The constant burning and healing was preparing her for an unknown ritual.

The other victim rescued was Arcturus Lahl, who had been captured while investigating a lead on his own interests. He revealed that he was a necromancer who belonged to the Order of the Tranquil Night, an organization devoted to the destruction of undead.

After Ouss reminded the group that there were voices coming from the next room, Arcturus opened the door and upon seeing the tableau of Doctor Freejus intoning a religious chant in some dark language, and then tossing a burned and scarred living man in to a pit, Arcturus cast a spell to put a cloud of fog around the far end of the room. The rest of the party charged in.

Rose waded into the fog and found herself confronted with a burning skeleton that had climbed out of the pit — the remains of the victim Freejus sacrificed. Trading blows with it, she was burned by its very nearness. The fire raged from the skeleton itself. The guards emerged from the fog, only to be confronted with the unexpected sight of the party further into the room than they expected. Attempting to back away from Cheif, one subjected itself to his ax and was hurt. The other fired crossbow bolts at the party members at the back of the room. Lily became an ox and charged, shattering the burning skeleton. Freejus’s voice rang out saying “Sacrifice!” Whereupon the two guards made for the pit. One was blocked but the other jumped in and emerged as another burning skeleton.

The party defeated that skeleton as well, but Rose fell in the fight. Lily arrived to heal her and then the rest of the party turned their attention to Freejus. A brief fight ensued in which Freejus cast spells that didn’t seem to take hold in their targets. Chief strode up to the injured fanatical doctor and beheaded her. The head rolled into the pit to be incinerated.

The party found notes from the doctor’s research showing that the Coveter hungered and would be fed by the burning of victims. By a strange coincidence, Persis was sent to this institution because her vision was blinded by the sight of fire. Everything she saw was consumed before her eyes, making her break down and be unable to function.

The rest of the basement was explored and Lily found and claimed a teapot with the magical ability to heat water without a fire.

The party returned to their homes and Rose returned to the temple with Persis. After a warm welcome by Father Warmond, Rose was asked to return in the dark hours of the morning for purification and ordination. She was bathed, oiled, scented and dressed in a gold gown, before being led to the nave where she was bathed in the dawning light of the sun and Anrahd’s glory. This holy heavenly brilliance caused her to grow a pair of angelic, ghostly wings from her back and hover in the air, to the awe and amazement of all.


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