Zandru Corals

cunning thug


Zandru Corals looks like a poor person’s impression of a merchant prince. He dresses in finery that is just slightly too much. Built like a brawler, he is smooth-shaven with thinning hair oiled back across his scalp. He is liberally perfumed, and frequently fidgets with a large ring on his right hand.


Zandru Corals grew up on the streets of Serenza. His adoptive father ran several bambitore — essentially gangs of street urchins sent out to beg and steal — as one of his charges, Zandru earned the old man’s respect, and eventually his name.

The Corals became one of the Four Families of the Cartellabro after his father’s successful war against the Raducci, their family’s power mostly involved in the oversight of countless petty crimes committed throughout the city. If your pocket was picked, a few of the stolen copper went to the Corals. In exchange, they provided shelter and board for the city’s poorest.

As a young tough, Zandru Corals found success as a pimp, eventually a brothel and slowly taking over others across the city. Today, 90% of the sex workers in the city pay into his coffers. The most well-known of his establishments is the Bambino, an exorbitantly priced bordello in Market District that is generally considered the fanciest of such places within the city.

When his father died fifteen years ago, Zandru Corals inherited control over many of the low gangs, including both the bambitore operations and a number of long running ragazzo. Using information gleaned by his employees, he has widely diversified, and has perhaps the widest reach of any of the Cartellabro’s leaders, with contacts in every layer of society.

His low birth and rough manner has always kept him at the fringes of more polite society, and Zandru Corals often makes extravagant displays of civic pride and generosity in order to impress them, and there are always rumors that he spreads himself very thin and that his seemingly vast wealth is highly leveraged.

Zandru Corals

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