Crotchety old gnome custodian.


Short, as many gnomes tend to be, with deep set brown eyes, balding head, white beard, and a hunch in his shoulders.


A retired bard whose powers have dwindled over the years and can only seem to use mending and mage hand anymore which has led him to be a shoe-in in the custodial arts. He can fix a leaky tap in a jiffy or mop a moldy wooden floor to a shine. He’s even held the record for folding a fitted sheet in 9 seconds flat. He’s great at his job but won’t do it without grumbling about something the entire time. Though he’s pleasant enough to the clientele he swears the next person who tries to give him a sock will find the business end of his mop up their arse. Though he puts on a gruff facade you swear you can hear him singing from time to time.


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