Lena Raducci

kindly landlady


The very image of a kindly old aunt. Lena Raducci seldom leaves her home inland of Armatto Quay.


Lena Raducci was the wife of Don Carlo Raducci, the last head of the Raducci Family of the Cartellabro. As a young farmgirl, on a visit to the city she met dashing young Carlo Raducci and the two fell in love. Carlo ignored the wishes of his parents and they were wed, which some say caused the rift between the Raducci and Corals Families.

Lena and Carlo had four sons, the eldest of whom followed his father into the Cartellabro, two became mercantile captains, and the fourth an officer in the Serenzan navy.

As the Raducci Family and the Corals went to war, Lena was kept mostly to an old family estate inland of Armatto Quay. Her eldest son was assassinated in an attempted rapprochement with the Corals, prompting open conflict in the Cartellabro. While the war in the streets favored the Raducci Family over the Corals, the Corals influence with the Doma and the courts eventually won the day — Carlo Raducci was accused of traffic in slaves, stripped of his titles and executed. The Raducci assets were seized, and Lena was left penniless.

When Fennu Fazzia rose to power in the city, she acquired many of the old Raducci assets, and as a gesture to the Raducci loyalists, she returned ownership of the Raducci estate to Lena.

To make ends meet, Lena began to let rooms in the expansive manor house, and it has become a landmark for the Cartellabro. Lena provides a bed, a dresser and breakfast for about 16 at a time, and almost all of those go to young men of the Cartellabro. Despite her brief stint in the city’s aristocracy, she works hard to care for her tenants and is a beloved figure in the poorer districts of the city for her charitable works. Although she lives in Serenza’s most crime-ridden neighborhood, many young toughs have spent a few years living with their ‘Aunt’ Raducci before moving on in the organization, and so she has often been jokingly referred to as the safest woman in the city.

Lena Raducci

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