Lionel Goosfellow

Tiefling Supplier/Acquisitions


Tiefling with a penchant for a bargain and finding deals. In charge of acquisitions and supplier for The Spirit Garden. A true gentleman, through and through.


Having always been good with numbers and people, Lionel excelled in school regardless of the stigma of his race. His natural skills and academic achievements got him an early apprenticeship with a notable importer to Serenza.

The connections he made during his apprenticeship helped him establish a vast network of importers and exporters. If there’s something tangible desired in Serenza, he knows where to get it, and how much he can get it for.

While someone who meets him for the first time might be wary of the Tiefling, just a few moments in his company and natural charm put them at ease.

Ouss was introduced to Lionel through the woodworkers guild, and uses him to get bargains on imported woods for his shop. He immediately thought of Lionel when it came time to hire a supplier.

Lionel Goosfellow

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