Tomaso "Maso" DiLuca

Minor capo around the Quays


Short for a human but solidly built, Maso tends to wear stylish black leather armor atypical of the Capos on his patrol. He feels it sets him apart. He considers himself a sleuth and he tends to state obvious things that others probably already noticed.


Tomaso DiLuca grew up in the Quays, another orphan in the custody of the “Little Doma” as the halfling matron was called. Constantly confused with his foster-sibling Tomaso Tescano who was the same age, he quickly came to be called just plain Maso. Oddly enough, Tomaso Tescano was called Tescy, so neither of them was called by his real name.

Maso rose through the ranks quickly as his dedication to the families was demonstrated in his enthusiasm for his work. He quickly showed an affinity for leadership and was made a capo. Often moody and quick to anger, Maso nevertheless commands respect from the troops in his patrols, and few could argue against his results in making the streets safer for everyone.

Tomaso "Maso" DiLuca

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