Spirit Garden's manager


A raven-haired Elven maiden currently of fair complexion and copper colored eyes. She has often altered her appearance for different performances over the years.


Nicollette ran away from home at a young age, coming to the city in her seventies and quickly falling in with various bad crowds. One of her earliest steady jobs was as a nursemaid for the Corals family, watching over young children being raised for the bambitores. While working there, she caught the eye of a young Zandru Corals, who saw potential for her in one of his Market District bordellos where she played a number of characters, the last (and most popular) of which was where she dressed up as a ‘wild elf’, pretending to be a young savage for wealthy merchants.

Eventually she grew bored of that and left to find other work in various parts of town. While Nicollete has had dealings with the Cartellabro, she’s not actually a part of any of the families, just an occasional employee.

Between other professions once more, she was approached by Chief to manage the The Spirit Garden, where her years of experience with occult performance (and perhaps for some patrons, her passing resemblance to a certain famous medium) would come in handy. She is a clever illusionist, a convincing performer, and a shrewd businesswoman with many connections and a deep knowledge of the city.

She likes to pretend for customers that the bar is actually run by the ghost, playing up the part of hapless bar-maid and hostess, and occasionally responding to spectral demands that only she can hear. Behind the scenes, however, she keeps strict ledgers and a sharp eye on the comings and goings of the patronage.


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