Drinker with a wood carving problem.


I left my homeland and family in search of furthering my craft, whittling small intricate figures out of wood. Thinking dwarves are well known for their craftsmanship, I sought out and lived with a clan of dwarves (Clan Deepearth) for a few years learning much (general craftsmanship, not necessarily woodwork). I also learned (and quickly mastered) the art of drinking, and producing ales- for drinking.

Once I decided I’ve learned as much as I could from them, I left for the larger city of Serenza in which to ply my craft and make my gold (though the gold doesn’t matter as much, I just want my carvings to be in as many hands as possible). To legitimatize myself, I joined the woodcarvers guild, and run a popup shop on days I feel like it, during hours I feel like it.

I met Violante in a bar. She plied me with enough stories and drinks, and I passed out. Upon awakening, I felt as though I was robbed, so I went in search for help. Finding a goliath named Chief, I paid him to track this noble looking human girl that robbed me. He was gone for a bit, but when he returned he claimed nothing was found on her person. Through a series of odd events, the three of us became friendly, and oft are drinking buddies in town.


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