Vincent Vincenzo

the humble olive oil merchant


A dark complected human from Serenza. His thick beard is kept well-oiled, and his clothes are as finely cut as any of the merchant class.


Vincent Vincenzo (or Vinnie, as no one dares call him since the tragic deaths of the last three to do so) was born to humble origins in Serenza. As a young man, he made a modest fortune for himself moving smuggled goods into and out of the city on behalf of Madame Fennu Fazzia. That fortune was re-invested into warehouses and retail, which have been profitable, but Vincent has not forgotten the organization that brought him to his present success, and currently acts as the personnel manager and talent scout for the Fazzia. He currently oversees many operations for the Fazzia family of the Cartellabro, mostly managing small-time hustlers and odd-jobs through a series of employees loyal to the family. While he does not manage the loans, he does send out the collectors. While he does not command the toughs who serve the capos, he is the one that assigns them to those duties. He is, arguably, the second most powerful member of the family, but to most outside the Cartellabro, he is merely a merchant and occasional investor.

Vincent Vincenzo

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