A Lovely Dinner With the Pelmers

The party finished off the dungeon by fighting the spider-thingy (see aforementioned log entry), and rescued a rich young man, Cobin Pelmer, from the spider’s webbing in the next room over. Karl and Kismet fought over a magical vest. Kismet ended up with it.

After being returned to his home, young Cobin Pelmer had his parents send an invitation to the inn the party was staying at, which was the only inn on the road where they shoe horses. The Horseshoe Road Inn. They went to dinner at the Pelmer estate, even though they knew they’d have to get back to Kechner really fast, and it was a 3 day ride back. The Pelmers gave Jay Wyvern a gift: An old style of musical book, which had been in the family for years, with some strange instructions for singing in a forgotten style that adds a layer of resonance to it. None of the Pelmers were ever adept enough to learn it, they hoped he could make use of it.

Before dinner, the Pelmers, very active patrons of the arts, had some entertainment brought in, and then had their daughter play for the guests, and then asked Jay to sing for them. During his song, Lady Pelmer made flirtacious faces at Jay, and young Miss Pelmer adjusted her bodice to temptacious advantage. At dinner, Miss Pelmer touched Jay’s foot with his own and signalled for him to sneak off with her out of the room. He declined. Later, Cobin rubbed Jay’s shoulders, suggesting they go relax together in his chambers. Jay opted to stay with the group. After dinner, Lady Pelmer begged the adventurers to stay the night, telling them “We’d love to…” sending a significant look at Jay, “HAVE you.” Everyone got a good night’s sleep, except for Jay, who was awakened four times during the night, once by each member of the family, and then woken early by the party, exhausted and disheveled.

Shortly after leaving the Pelmer’s estate, the party returned to the Horseshoe Road Inn and gathered up their gear, and a wizard came by from the Collegium Chapterhouse to teleport them and the exorcist back to Kechner.


(We are wasting valuable time. Unfortunately I lack the power to fight the abbers on my own at this time. – Karl)

A Lovely Dinner With the Pelmers
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