Time in Strahn
The One Where Kismet Gets Her Boots

The Prince offered to put the party up in the palace in Strahn, and they accepted. Kismet asked the Prince to pull some strings and get her an appointment with Nierlyn, the Gnomish cobbler, about a nice pair of boots. Appointments are made, and Kismet is fitted for the boots.

In the night, two assassins enter the palace and are stopped by the party, who learn that they are Ilrael’s goons.

In the days that follow, Kismet gets her boots and all is well.

Into Arulia

Having safely returned from the Fey realm with the prince, the party decided to set out for the capital, Strahn, as soon as they could. Jay chose this moment to part company from the group, seeking his own answers to life.

Having been gone for weeks, they sought out information from the locals. They found that the countryside had been ravaged by the invading army, and people had fled north rapidly. They did, however, find the remains of a troop of mercenaries, and three survivors of a great battle. The Jayhawks was an elite mercenary group that had been contracted by King Athrimas to defend Venn from the invasion. However, they had been defeated in battle, partly because of the duplicity of the troops Venn had contracted from Ord’Thane.

While the two groups were still figuring each other out, they were attacked by mounted Ord’Thanian troops. The battle was short and bloody, and the fiends were vanquished to their home plane.

The surviving Jayhawks — a wizard, a dwarven warrior, and a spelltouched battle rager — joined with the group and brought them up to date on what had been going on. The fiendish troops were somehow granted free reign to spoils of war in their contract, provided they were the only survivors. Thus the troops sought to destroy any other companies who had survived the battle. Troops that fell in battle and returned to Hell were allowed to immediately return to replenish their ranks in Strahn to be re-deployed. So the Jayhawks would be hunted soon.

Bella had figured out some secrets of transposition and teleportation in her experiences through the year, so she decided to offer to transport everyone to a safe house Kismet knew of in Strahn. It took 3 hops but they got the group there with their horses. They found the entire city abuzz with the news that Prince Ilrael had taken Therea.

On of the major propaganda campaigns Ilrael had been waging was finding fruit in this victory. Ilrael claimed to have found one half of a prophecy that stated he would rule Venn. The other half, he had said, was in the vault in Therea. Having reached Therea, he had the vault of the church of Anrahd opened, and the prophecy retrieved. The prophecy was read:


The prophet Nykeen in the year 2034 (old Calendar, -487IP) wrote that there would come a time that a tyrant would usurp the world unless a savior stopped him

Ilrael’s half

Come the year the blessed children
driven out from Anrahd’s hearth
Upon the falling of the stars
Son of golden boughs
Brings peace to island graves

Therea’s half
In Anrahd’s host is raised
Strike down oppressor’s blade
Father of the bastard horde
Fallen crown restored
Golden son triumphant
Restore Nyan’s hearth

As this news was circulating, Kismet sought out Karma in town. She wanted to find out where Karma had gotten those boots, similar to the ones that Chance had. Karma directed her to the Gnomish cobbler in Strahn, but said she’d only gotten an appointment because of the vast amount of money she’d gotten from the job she did in Therea. She said to Kismet, “I almost wish I’d never done that job. If I knew what kind of trouble it would cause, I never would have put that prophecy in the vault.” Kismet stared at her for several minutes before she was able to speak, then calmly decided to try to convince her teammates of its falsehood.

That was met with resistance. The party was pretty keen to accept the verifications of the temple stewards who assured the populace that it was genuine. Kismet didn’t explain how she knew, because Rashehn was still hanging around them, and she thought it might be a bad idea to be a known relative of a person who committed high treason for money.

Secrets Told


After the laughter of the women of the party faded, Jay took the satyr aside and asked him questions about Jacob Wyvern, Jay’s father. The party kept nudging him, saying “We need to go!” They convinced Prince Rashehn to return with them and lead his people to peace and forsake the war. But they were told that the Lady of Elvenkind wished to confer with them.

Kismet grew bored of the party atmosphere and found a door out of the hall, and found a hallway leading upstairs to a row of rooms. Knocking on one after the other, she asked if they’d seen Jay’s father. After interrupting a couple in intimate pose, a grumpy gnome who wanted nothing to do with her, and a sleeping brownie, she wandered into the room of an elven lady in elegant dress. Ellesaide, the Lady of Elvenkind. She asked Kismet to help her clasp a necklace, and then escort her down to the hall, so Kismet made her entrance into the hall with her. Ellesaide gathered the party around and after short conference, requested a bowl and a pitcher. She poured a little scrying pool in the bowl. The whole room full of assorted fey gathered to watch as the view zoomed in on the palace in Strahn, where the King was talking to his council of war. Erdwell was there, as well. The king said, “We have to accept their offer! I’m left with no choice. Therea is lost, or will be soon. ANd if the worst should come to happen, knock on wood —” At this point, the king rapped sharply on the wooden table, and the scrying pool went silent. The king kept talking, but the pool gave no sound, and the fey all around the room gave a collective “awww” of disappointment. Ellesaide said “I hate it when they do that.” After a minute and a half, the sound returned, and the king was saying “And we may yet be saved, even win this war!”

The party surmised that the “offer” was that of the Duke of Ord’Thane, the father of Sessyn, who served as envoy at the wedding party. Sessyn had offered the support to Venn of mercenary troops from her father’s duchy in Hell.

Although the party was still in a rush to go, Ellesaide said she’d take Jay to his father. Upon meeting his son in the flesh for the first time, Jacob Wyvern took his son’s ultrinium dagger, and plunged it into Jay’s heart. Although startled, Jay was unharmed, and when Jacob drew the blade out, he returned it to Jay. He told him that now, on a command word, it had the power to carry his song while he fought. He can also use it to speak to his father at any time in dreams, and he can use it to cut the fabric of reality to enter or leave the fey realm any time he is near a fey-enchanted area. Jacob showed remorse for the death of Jay’s mother, but Jay was unconvinced his sentiment was genuine. Jacob said he would visit the grave.

Jay used his newfound power to return the party to the material world with Rashehn. They arrived where they’d left, but two weeks had passed. The summoner was gone, and their mounts had wandered to the nearby farm, where the farmer had cared for them. He was kind enough to let them sleep on his floor. In the morning, the party set out for Strahn again.

Arrival at Feybarrow


Jay once again cut the great battle short by dominating the summoner himself. With the summoner as a new assistant, they traveled the rest of the way to Feybarrow, the site of the battle that Rashehn disappeared in.

They talked to a farmer who had witnessed the battle and got a description of where Rashehn might have been. They then made their way through the barrows. They met a wizard collecting bodies, and having her flesh golem place them on a cart. The party got in an ethical argument about necromancy, but in the end, they paid her to leave the bodies where they lay. So her golem dumped out the cart and they left, thus avoiding a fight.

They examined the area where Prince Rashehn fell, and found nothing unusual. They camped there for the night, and in the course of the night heard music, smelled food cooking, and eventually the side of the barrow they were camped against opened up and they saw a drinking hall inside. They entered, leaving behind the dominated summoner.

They found Rashehn almost immediately, walking around with a beautiful wood nymph on each arm admiring him. The party was invited in, and were told by a satyr that all had been made ready for the coming of the Prince, and now they could celebrate. Jay kept asking questions about Rashehn, but the satyr kept talking about the coming of the Prince. Until finally, he giggled and said “I can contain it no longer! What do YOU wish to be called, My Prince?” And he bowed low to Jay, as the women of the party laughed.

A Summoner From Afar

Continuing south, the party was attacked by a scout for Ilrael’s army, a summoner on his flying eidolon, a winged serpent. He summoned more and more creatures until the DM fell asleep and had to close up for the night.

The Inn With Sin Within


On the way south, the party encountered waves of refugees seeking shelter from the oncoming invasion, more and more homes and farms becoming battlefields for the warring forces. Seeking shelter in a town choked to bursting with refugees, the party approached the only inn in town. The innkeeper was out front, taking names and putting them on a waiting list to be allowed in. Every 10-20 minutes or so, he’d call out the next name on the list. When the party arrived, he said “Last room left!” and read a name off the list. 20 minutes later, he called out a new name because a room had freed up.

Kismet saw something fishy about that, and bribed the innkeeper to get the party’s name on the list. When the next name got called, Kismet and Bella followed invisibly as the family was led up to the empty room. Kismet listened at the door and heard conversation, which stopped suddenly.

Around this time, the innkeeper had gone back out to call the next name on the list… the party’s name. When Karl got near the Inn, his psionic ability to sense illithid and their ilk strongly warned him of their presence within. Karl warned the party to be alert for them. The innkeeper led them up the stairs.

When the innkeeper unlocked the door to the room, Kismet attacked from hiding, backstabbing the innkeeper, whose disguise dropped, revealing him to be an illithid! WIth the door to the room open, the two illithid within also attacked. A swift and brutal fight ensued, and afterward, the party searched the room, to find a hidden chute in the wall, dropping down to the basement. The dropped down to find out what lay beneath the inn.

There were two children tied down and catatonic, hooked up to machines made to extract the quintessence from them. For the first time, they saw one of the giant “madcrafters” in action. As they fought its fellows, several illithid, the madcrafter vomited up constructs to fight the party. Karl was charmed by the mental control of one of the mind flayers, and was only saved when Jay used his own ability to charm creatures to free Karl.

Only through the greatest effort and expenditure of all their greatest powers did the party overcome these monsters, freeing the children once it was safe to do so.

Old Friends Become New Enemies Become Dead

The party brought the Book of Vile Evil to the Collegium attempting to destroy it, and failed. As they were about to take the book elsewhere, the mage from Kechner showed up. Elverion came in with a few of his Colleagues and announced that the party was a great disappointment to him. He sent them off repeatedly to gather the dark knowledge that Gwardesh was spreading around the world, but each time the party destroyed it instead of bringing it back. He would not let them destroy the Book of Vile Evil. So he ordered his Colleagues to kill the party and take their stuff.

A great battle erupted in the Collegium, and Elverion was killed.

Chance resolved to take the book to the head of Anrahd’s church in Mentori for destruction, and Priya insisted on following him, to ensure he did not lose his soul to this evil temptation.

The rest of the party elected to head south to the battlefield whereupon Prince Rashehn was lost, to see if they could find a sign of where he went.

Friday night industrial strength gaming

Apparently we did a game.

Wedding Bells are Ringing

The party was invited to the wedding and reception of the king to his new wife, his former mistress, and Erdwell’s mother. Several people of note approached the party. The king asked them to keep an eye out for Ilrael’s co-conspirators.

One man wanted to make money from their fame.

One man wanted them to speak against the king (obliquely worded, of course).

A general wanted them to support the invader solely in order to get the civil war over with so that they could fight the real enemy: the invasion from the other plane.

The newly legitimized prince Erdwell said he missed his brother, but didn’t mourn his brother, because he was sure his brother wasn’t dead. He had no idea where he went, but people don’t just disappear from the battlefield.

The invading Prince Ilrael attended the wedding under flag of truce, and wished the king a long and happy life and begged him to abdicate, citing the prophecy that the king has simply to order to be retrieved from the vaults of the high chuch in Therea, which will prove that it had been foretold that Ilrael would be the rightful king.

Kismet followed the Prince back out to his retinue, and said “What about the end of the world? Isn’t that important?” Ilrael whispered to his cohort, “Do you know anything about the end of the world?” To which his cohort advised, “You’re against it, sire.” Ilrael drew himself up and said to Kismet, “In times of crisis, it must be a strong man who leads!” And he rode off.

Elsewhere in the reception, the tiefling Sessyn was observed to be in attendance. Karl, Kismet, and Jay approached her and asked what she was doing there. Sessyn said she was there on behalf of her father, Duke Ord’Thane. None of even the more worldly party members had heard of him. A minor duke in the highest plane of Hell, he commanded many armies and hired out as mercenaries to whoever could agree to his terms. The king was obviously considering it, as Ilrael was storming north with his invading army rapidly.

Streets of Strahn

Some time after the riot, the party braved the streets again.

The party was ambushed on the streets of Strahn by a mage. While walking in the street, the ground suddenly erupted with black tentacles that grabbed and grappled the party. Bella quickly spotted the controlling mage and cast her Baleful Transposition, putting the mage in the tentacles and putting Bella where the mage was standing. Which was when the invisible rogue attacked her. Bella cast another spell that looked into the deepest fears of the backstabbing assassin, causing him to see his fears come to life as a phantastm. His hair instantly turned white and he fell over dead, a ghastly expression of terror on his face.

The mage attempted to escape, but Bella, flying overhead, followed and saw him disappear into a trapdoor in an alleyway.


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