God of leadership, justice, glory, the sun
Alignment: LG
Symbol: A sword across the sun

Domains (Pathfinder): Balance, Courage, Family, Glory, Good, Law, Liberation, Nobility, Pride, Strength, Sun, War

Domains (5e): Light, Order, War

Chief among gods, Anrahd is the leader of all who take shelter in civilization. There is a schism among the worshippers of Anrahd. Anrahd has a corp of elite knights called the Avheret that lead armies for him, and are venerated by the races according to need. Many forms of this veneration take on the character of worship itself. Priests and laymen alike often invoke the name of one of its member in times of need or to seal an oath. The exact number and makeup of this body has changed over time, as well, such that many Avheretine may have been mundane by birth. In the human-majority kingdom of Venn, as well as many other places, the official religion holds that worship to the Avheretine is blasphemy.

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