Lemonjack was first brought to Venn by human settlers and spread quickly to the dwarfs and elves. Legend has that it was taught to the humans by either the Carthoe or the Taigan. It remains a popular pastime, particularly among the nobility.

Popular References

King Athrimas IX once noted that Baron Oskew’s true “five-square leap” was not the Battle of the Southern Grant.

Prince Ilrael famously said that Lord Brenner “ate the lemon” when he presented a bouquet of flowers to the Elven Druid Lamarra on the feast day of the Elven King.

The city of Therea is known for its “pirate chain” rolls, containing currants.

Children in Mentori sing the words of the last line in the popular song “Lemonjack Man” different from the standard, “He cheesed the moon to steal the pawn,” replacing it with the nonsense rhyme, “Vise at noon then dead at dawn.”

“Mason’s Pie” is referenced in the chorus of the ballad The Milliner’s Daughter.

Although the debate rages on throughout Esadra, it is widely believed amongst the commoners that the cheese stands alone. Therene rules, however, dictate that it may not.

“Therene Rules!” is a popular human chant at lemonjack events. However, it would likely not be so common, if it were common knowledge among humans what this phrase sounds like in Dwarvish.


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