Goddess of magic
Alignment: N
Symbol: 4-pointed star

Domains (Pathfinder): Air, Charm, Earth, Fire, Force, Knowledge, Magic, Mysticism, Portal, Rune, Spell, Summoner, Trickery, Water

Domains (5e): Arcana, Knowledge, Light

Lerean is typically depicted as a common woman carrying a large jug of water. Her temples typically feature a fountain from which she pours the jug out into a basin. The dwarves typically depict her as a young, earthy looking bride carrying a heavy jug, whereas the typical Therene depiction shows her as a slender woman gracefully bearing a bowl. Most iconography shows her with water, symbolizing the power she lets flow into the world.

Most legends recognize Lerean as Nyan’s younger sister. Some heretics have also alleged she is the second bride to Anrahd, but as the modern church frowns on polygamy, that view has fallen from favor. Lerean is present in most myths, but is typically more passive than most of the other gods.

Lerean’s duty is to watch over the blood of Andruil; the energy which flows through the universe, and the raw stuff from which all action is given form. Mortals cannot manage that power on their own, but it has great influence over their lives. Theist functionaries are given abilities that utilize magic through the grace of their gods. Mystics draw on the energies that flow through themselves, using their own bodies as conduits for that power. Wizards rely on their command of spirits, bound by ancient pacts that were demanded of the spirits by Aundine when she wore the Crown of Majesty.

Though her power is omnipresent, Lerean herself takes little direct action in the world. Her clergy honors her, directing worship, managing sacrifices and high holidays, but typically receives little direct attention from their goddess. All mages pay homage to her, as well as Aundine.

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